Monday, May 30, 2011

Time Again For The Senior Prom Nails!

Here is the preview for tomorrow's 2 Minute Tuesday Tutorial called Senior Prom Nails!  BrokenFlowerChild at Youtube requested a pink or purple prom nail design so here ya go! Getting ready for the prom itself can be a lot of stress. I hope with this quick, simple nail design that it will take some time and worry out of that hectic prom schedule!  And I hope BFC that you have a great prom!


  1. Very beautiful nail art. I really love designing my nils in different colors and design. It add some confident every time I wore them.

  2. The nail design is very cute. I like it. Can i catch the senior prom nails again?

  3. Nail arts are great! My aunt loves them. Every time we go to the mall, my aunt looks for the nail art shops. I'm going to try this at home.


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