Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cinci The Cat - Taking a "Nail Break" Day!

Taking a "nail break" today but I still got ya covered. I hope everyone is enjoying my Nail Art Batch Vol. 5 Video. In the video, the nail designs are simple, easy to do ones before you go out on a date or anywhere else. On this latest video, you got to see the person behind the art and her mascot. I thought today I would post a video of my beloved cat, Cinci. He is a very beautiful cat with strange behaviors...he's adorable. And in this video, he's at his strangest! He is often prowling around while I am doing my nail art work. If you have a pet, give him or her a hug today! Tomorrow I will post a preview of my 2-Minute Tuesday Tutorial. Talk to you then!


  1. Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs fingernails.


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