Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Art Batch Vol. 5 Slideshow by Fonda

My new Nail Art Batch Slideshow Vol. 5 is NOW UP here and at Youtube. You get to see my latest work and another appearance of my mascot, Fratty Frat Froggy, and some of his friends. In this slideshow, I also appear to tell you my video schedule - "2 Minute Tutorial Tuesdays", "Shoutout Suggestion Thursdays", and "Nail Art Batch Slideshow Saturdays" and how all of that works.

If you would like to check out and see what Fratty Frat has been up to click on his blog at He has been getting into mischief and I'm worried for him :).  My husband also has been working on his blog called "Against The Current" , which is an irreverent look at the trending topic of the day. 

Both of the blogs are coming along well, give us a shout at them if you'd like.  We do all of this for the enjoyment of it, and hope you enjoy all of the effort as well.  We're in this for the long haul, so if you make the commitment to check back now and then, we will be there!  Hope we can give you a couple of fun minutes in your day! 

P.S. There is also now a stand-alone page in this blog's page list of my nail art batch work itself (another page I am still working on for "fingernail sets") so you can maybe get ideas for your own designs. They are also posted at . Thanx for reading all the info!
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  1. Thanks for share with us this incredible slide show about your work! keep on working.


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