Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fing'rs Flirt Nail Art Tutorial by Fonda

Fing'rs Flirt Nail Art Tutorial! I really enjoyed this nail art design, as it was very easy and fun to do!  I purchased Fing'rs brand for the first time at Walmart, and I think Fing'rs is COOL! Anyway, you can see me on camera reviewing Fing'rs Flirt Design-Her Complete Salon Kit & Nail Art Stickers; they are especially a COOL brand for you teens out there looking for inexpensive, simple and colorful nail art designs to do for yourself at home!  Hope you enjoy!


  1. The most incredible nail tutorial I've ever seen in my whole life! I will use this the day of may graduation!

  2. Nail art in Delhi has the trust of this rise of creative nail art designs.Zoe nails is the name when one needs to see what the rest of the world is doing in terms of nail art designing.

  3. I agree with you too.....this is really fun. You are brilliant!!!


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